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Pre-K & Kinder Music Classes

Did You Know?

The Importance of Music In The Development of Toddlers

•    Music increases toddler’s sensory development
•    Music can improve literacy and numeracy
•    Music is a mood lifter
•    Music helps toddlers build coordination
•    Music can help toddlers develop their vocabulary

KG School of Music believes it is never too early to expose little ones to Music. We have developed two programs that have become very popular with parents and very successful with our youngest students.

My First Notes

This fun and educational 30 minute class is a young student’s first introduction to Music. The class is centered around basic hand and note positions on the Piano and strengthens the student’s counting, writing and alphabet skills. Additionally, they begin to learn about music notes, pitch and tempo while developing memory skills that will aid them in all subjects. This class is recommended for children age 3 to 5 years.


Music & Me

This popular 30 minute class is a slightly more advanced version of “My First Notes” and is targeted at slightly older students who have developed basic reading skills. Piano skills are expanded to include “C” position, proper hand placement and reading Piano music. Once again, we are strengthening language, math, reading and writing skills along the way. This class is recommended for children age 4 to 8 years.

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