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Music Education for Homeschool Students

Did You Know?

Students who participate in Music Studies…
  • Perform better in exams across all academic subjects

  • Develop better language, learning and reasoning skills

  • Develop better organizational and work skills

  • Learn to utilize both critical and creative listening skills

  • Enjoy better emotional and social development

KG School of Music has always believed in the importance of Music Education in our schools. We are even more committed to providing Music Education options for parents who have chosen Homeschooling or other education alternatives for their children. KG School of Music can offer both distance learning and on-site instruction for your Homeschool, Pod, P.M.A or P.E.A. organization.  We offer both full year curriculum (grades K through 12th) and “specialty” courses (4-8 Week) that can be tailored to your school’s needs.

2022-2023 Course Offerings


Music Exploration 

Our “Music Exploration” course is without a doubt our most popular and most requested course.  In this course, students get the opportunity to learn about and have a “lesson” on a variety of the most popular musical instruments without the expense to parents of having to rent or purchase the instruments.

The musical instruments your child will explore can include: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Xylophone, and others

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General Music Studies

This course introduces students to basic concepts in Music such as rhythm, pitch, notation, melody and accompaniment. Along the way, students learn how Music incorporates other academic studies like math, language, grammar and architecture in its composition and performance.  

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Music History

This course provides a brief history of Music…how it is thought to have begun and the first musical instruments created by man. Students learn about the construction and uses of the first musical instruments and how they have evolved over centuries into what we have today. Students learn about the four “families” of musical instruments (brass, woodwind, string and percussion) and the four primary types of classical music (Symphony, Chamber, Solo and Concerto).

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The Great Composers

This course introduces students to the lives and works of four of history’s most beloved composers…Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.  Students will explore some of the most well known compositions by each composer and their innovations and contributions to Music.


Music & Science

This course explores how Music (and principles of sound) is used in modern science and medicine. Each week, students will explore a concept in Music Science and conduct an experiment relating to that concept. The outcomes of these experiments will be discussed in an open class forum

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Group Instrument Instruction

This course allows for the choice of Piano, Guitar or Ukulele as a primary instrument. Students will learn how to play the instrument (beginner level), read music for that instrument and care for the instrument.  Group and one on one instruction (limited) is provided during the class. Students will learn basic proficiencies on the instrument and participate in group performance of songs.

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